Have enough towels & wine glasses? Use my Honeymoon Registry to get the gift you really want - a fantastic dream Honeymoon!

It's a free service that allows your friends and family to donate to your honeymoon as their wedding gift to you.  It also includes a free wedding website so you can post information about your wedding as well as photos and updates.  There's no hidden costs, just an easy way to build to a wonderful trip.

Honeymoon, Bachelorette and Bachelor trips & Destination Wedding Planning

In addition to photographing weddings, I expanded to include a full honeymoon, bachelorette and bachelor trips and destination wedding planning service. I have access to hundreds of perfect honeymoon locations that will give you and your new spouse the perfect spot for relaxing post wedding as well as great weekend trips for a perfect time with your girls or guys.

Still trying to decide exactly what you want to do for your wedding?  I also offer over 250 destination wedding sites with everything from beautiful white beaches and cruise weddings to castles and all inclusive inns and resorts.

You can even book me to photograph your destination wedding if you like.  Just add your favorite package (2 hour minimum for Bronze Package) to the cost of travel and you'll have beautiful photos wherever you go!  

But no worries if you already have a photographer.  You can contact me for travel assistance even if you're using a different one.  

Just send me an email at info@caycecallaway.com, text me at 404.210.0879 or call me at the same number for additional information about honeymoons, friend trips or destination weddings.

Why use a travel agent?

Well, you likely use one already, if you book your travel online.  If you're not booking directly from the hotel or airline (where you're typically charged full price), then you're likely using Orbitz, Expedia, Hotels.com or any number of large travel aggregates.  In reality, they're simply big corporate travel agencies, but they make you do all the work (i.e. reading all the reviews, going through all the photos, etc.).  Using a franchised agent (like me), you get all the same pricing (because I have the power of my franchise, Cruise Planners, behind me) plus personal service and support.  I'll read the reviews for you, look at all the photos and talk to other agents who know the properties before I send you suggestions.  And at any point in time, you can talk to a real live human about what you'd like to do.

what does it cost to use your travel services?

Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  I know, crazy huh?  It's true.  Travel agents are paid commissions just like any other sale's person, so you don't pay anything to have someone take that particular job off your hands.  And let's face it, if you're planning a wedding, a bit of free help could come in very handy!  And don't worry, you're not charged more for the travel because of that.  They pay commissions to the big guys as well and just pocket the difference if you go through them direct.

Honeymoons packages by price:

Here are some samples of packages available for summer 2016 (actual pricing is always date dependent)  Interested in exploring further?  Just give me a call or shoot me at text at 404.210.0879:

$2,000 - 3,000:

  • 4 nights in a 4 star hotel in Belize including flight from Atlanta + airport transfers
  • 4 nights in a 4 star hotel in Costa Rica including flight from Atlanta and a rental car

$3,000 - 4,000:

  • 3 nights in well known adult's only all-inclusive resort in Cancun, includes flight from Atlanta and airport transfers
  • 7 nights in a 4 star hotel in Belize including flight from Atlanta + airport transfers
  • 4 nights in Waikiki plus rental car.  Includes flight from Atlanta

$4,000 - 5,000:

  • 7 nights in Aruba in a suite.  Includes airfare from Atlanta and airport transfers
  • 7 nights in Italy including a rental car or train tickets.  Includes airfare from Atlanta

$5,000 - 7,000:

  • 7 nights in Turks and Caicos in a Junior Suite in a 4 star hotel.  Includes airfare from Atlanta and airport transfers
  • 7 nights in Ireland including airfare from Atlanta and a rental car
  • 7 day Mediterranean cruise in a balcony room including airfare from Atlanta

$15,000 - 20,000:

  • Fully chauffeured private tour of France from Paris to Nice including airfare from Atlanta