As a long time wedding photographer, I'm carefully watching as the Supreme Court finally hears arguments today on the legality of gay marriage.  When you've spent as many hours at weddings as I have you have a pretty good sense of the importance of this passage in the lives of the participants and their families.  It's time to stop denying this important passage to our gay citizens.  

I've shot a number of gay weddings over the years as well as gay engagement photos and gay families.  They are no less committed to each other and their children than any of the other couples with whom I've worked.  In fact, the ceremonies are particularly emotional and poignant, because they've traveled a difficult road to get there.   

Take a moment and imagine, as you're planning your wedding, which I suspect you are currently doing, being told you can't legally marry your fiancee.  Not now, not ever.  How would that make you feel?  Of course you could go and have a wedding anyway, but you wouldn't be married at the end of it.  It's the very definition of a second class citizen - those the government allows to marry and those they don't.  

The arguments will be heard today with a ruling expected by June.  I'm raising a hopeful glass in a toast (of which I've shot many!) to what I hope will be a new day for our gay brothers and sisters in Georgia and across the country.